Our History
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STRATA Networks was founded in 1948 when a few residents, who lived in the remote portions of the Uintah Basin, undertook an effort to bring phone service to their homes. The telephone company at the time refused to provide service to these areas due to low population density, coupled with rough terrain and the high cost to build infrastructure.  Although they faced several challenges, these individuals took action and formed a board. With the board formed, the residents established a cooperative to obtain services otherwise not available for rural customers.

The STRATA Networks’ cooperative, headquartered in Roosevelt, Utah, has grown to employ close to 300 people and provides a variety of technologically advanced services. This technology has helped revitalize the local economy and revolutionize industry for Uintah Basin residents. STRATA continues to expand and offer leading edge services including nationwide wireless coverage, the fastest broadband internet in the Basin, advanced TV, and their flagship home telephone service. STRATA has become the leading telecommunications provider not only in the Uintah Basin, but their coverage also extends into parts of Wyoming and Colorado, serving over 60,000 customers.

STRATA Networks is a cooperative.
So what is a cooperative and what are the benefits as a member?


In a cooperative, the owners and the users are the same people; they are the members/patrons. When they purchase landline or broadband service from STRATA, they have the option to become a member. STRATA offers membership to anyone within their service area regardless of race, religion, gender, or political beliefs.

Members have the right to vote on cooperative issues, run for a position on the organization’s board of directors, and share in the organization’s earnings. Members enjoy a yearly patronage check that is paid out when the Cooperative generates margins from efficient operations.

STRATA Serves Community Service Day


STRATA is a community-based business which helps keep money local and employs local people. They strive to support efforts that are most important to their members. One of the ways STRATA gives back to the community is through sponsorship of the Annual Charity Golf Classic which has raised nearly $245,000. These funds directly benefit local charitable entities.

Supporting the educational and career paths of the next generation is also an important mission of STRATA. They have pledged donations to UBTech College to help fund a program with curriculum focusing on all aspects of information technology. These advances help provide relevant training and prepare students for a technology-driven workforce. In addition, STRATA invests in future leaders by awarding several annual scholarships to local high school students. They also offer opportunities for local youth to develop leadership skills through an all-expense paid, Foundation for Rural Services (FRS) Tour to Washington D.C., and the URECA Youth Leadership Challenge.

Board of Directors

The STRATA Networks cooperative is comprised of ten (10) districts with a director elected to represent each of the following areas: Altamont, Duchesne, Flattop, Fruitland, Lapoint, Neola, Randlett, Roosevelt, Tabiona, and Vernal. Members gather each year at the Cooperative’s Annual Meeting to elect their board of directors with a one member, one vote principle. The board of directors are elected by and from the members to serve a three (3) year term, or until their successors are elected. The terms of the directors are staggered to ensure continuity.

Altamont District STRATA Networks Board Member

Next Election: 2022

Ashley Shiner

Duchesne District STRATA Networks Board Member

Next Election: 2021

Rick Coil

Flattop District STRATA Networks Board Member

Next Election: 2021

Dana Shepard

Fruitland District STRATA Networks Board Member

Next Election: 2021

Kent Peatross

Lapoint District STRATA Networks Board Member

Next Election: 2021

Aaron Reary

Neola District STRATA Networks Board Member

Next Election: 2022

Bart Miller

Randlett District STRATA Networks Board Member

Next Election: 2023

JoAnn Winn

Roosevelt District STRATA Networks Board Member

Next Election: 2022

Richard Ross

Tabiona District STRATA Networks Board Member

Next Election: 2023

Max Fabrizio

Vernal District STRATA Networks Board Member

Next Election: 2023

Kelly R. Dastrup

Annual Meeting
STRATA Serves Community Service Day

The Annual Meeting gives members the opportunity to participate in the governance of their local cooperative; to elect Board representation and to take part in any other business that may come before the meeting. Members may hear reports from the Board President, Secretary/Treasurer, and the CEO/General Manager.

Message from the Treasurer

Altamont District

Ashley Shiner

As the Secretary/Treasurer it is my opportunity to report to the membership the financial status of the cooperative.  In most years the Treasurers report focuses on the prior year results, but with all that has happened since the beginning of 2020 I will believe you will also be interested in the current status of the company.

I I am pleased to report that 2019 was another successful year.  Our net margins were over $8.3 million dollars.  STRATA is in compliance with all lending ratios and our external auditors issued an unqualified (clean) audit option.  In many ways it was a continuation of the successful foundation of the past few years.  I encourage you to review the financial result of STRATA Networks located in the printed annual report. 

In February 2020 we received notice from United States Rural Development – Rural Utilities Service (USDA-RUS) that our $23 million application for a 50% loan/ 50% grant application had been approved.  This is an important step in providing fiber and improved broadband access to some of the Basin’s most difficult to reach locations.  We are working diligently to begin these projects as soon as we can.  We are working thru the environmental and regulatory requirements that are associated with this funding.  We anticipate work on these projects will begin in the summer of 2021 and continue for the next 3-4 years. 

In March 2020, our nation, our community and our company was affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19).  The pandemic became both a health and economic crisis. Supply chains broke down and we faced shortages on everything from toilet paper to computer parts.  Locally the oil and gas industry was hit particularly hard as oil demand crashed.   

STRATA responded by supporting our community in three major ways.  First, we accepted the FCC’s Keep America Connected pledge which was designed to keep community members connected to the Internet thru the early months of this difficult time even if customers/members were unable to pay for services.  Second, we worked to provide free Internet access to any student or educator who did not previously have service through STRATA Networks thru the spring of 2020.  Nearly 500 families were able to help their children/students complete school work because of STRATA’s commitment.  Finally, we provided free speed upgrade to over 800 members thru the spring of 2020.  Together these commitments are helping members thru these difficult times.

Financially COVID-19 and the associated economic downturn are difficult on nearly all companies, including STRATA and its associated companies.  We are happy to be part of the community and we are working to be good partners and neighbors.  We have changed business and operational practices to help keep both you and the employees safe as you enter the STRATA stores or technicians come to your residences and businesses.   We feel very fortunate that the Uintah Basin has experienced a limited number of infections to this point. 

In summary we are working thru the challenges of the present situation. If anything, COVID-19 has emphasized how important fast reliable broadband connections are.  STRATA will be here for the long-term.  We will continue to provide the services you need to connect to the world.  We will continue to build the networks of the future.  We will continue to hire and train intelligent, hard-working, and dedicated employees.  We are here to serve you.  We appreciate your support of STRATA Networks!

STRATA continues to move forward and invest in their community by continually expanding infrastructure projects, building next-generation networks, and providing the latest technological advances. These advances maintain the original goal of the founders, connecting the community and improving the quality of life for members of the Cooperative and residents of the Uintah Basin.

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