2017 News

STRATA Responds to Verizon Disconnects

(Roosevelt, Utah) – September 2017

Due to the many questions that STRATA has received regarding Verizon’s recent decision to disconnect customers who have excessive data usage outside of the Verizon network, STRATA is issuing this formal public statement:

While STRATA does have a partnership with Verizon, we have had no direct role in Verizon’s decision to terminate its customers in our area.

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Overwatch Tournament Coming to Vernal

(Roosevelt, Utah) – August 2017

Registration is open for the Uintah Basin’s very first Overwatch tournament, brought to you by the STRATA Gaming Series. The tournament is scheduled for August 19th at the Uintah Conference Center and will have teams of six competing to win a $1,000 grand prize.

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STRATA Holds 64th Annual Meeting

(Roosevelt, Utah) – June 2017

STRATA NETWORKS held its 64th Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 22nd at the Roosevelt Jr. High School where an estimated one thousand community members attended.

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STRATA Networks To Hold 64th Annual Meeting

(Roosevelt, Utah) – June 1, 2017

STRATA Networks will hold its 64th Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 22, at the Roosevelt Jr. High School. Members of the cooperative are invited to a complimentary dinner from 4:30-6:30 p.m., followed by a business meeting.

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STRATA Networks Data Center Opens the Basin Up to the World

(Roosevelt, Utah) – April 2017

The plain, nondescript building STRATA Networks is now occupying in Vernal gives no indication of the amount of cutting edge technology that is housed inside it. Strata’s new data center is ready to help people and businesses in the Basin get access to the cloud.

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Your Local ISP's Perspective On Internet Privacy Ruling

(Roosevelt, Utah) – April 13, 2017

Congress’s recent decision to repeal the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s previously proposed internet privacy rules has raised questions for some internet users concerned that their personal information will be shared by their internet service provider. STRATA Networks reassures its customers that they are not at increased risk.

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STRATA's Charity Golf Classic to Benefit KLiC

(Roosevelt, Utah) – March 17, 2017

STRATA Networks is excited to announce that the proceeds from their 16th Annual Charity Golf Classic will be donated to KLiC (Keeping Love in Communities).

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STRATA Announces Gig Internet Speeds

(Roosevelt, Utah) – January 20, 2017

STRATA Networks recently announced that they are now offering internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second, becoming the first and only internet provider offering Gigabit service to the Uintah Basin over a fiber optic network.

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STRATA Provides Opportunities for Local Youth

(Roosevelt, Utah) – January 17, 2017

STRATA Networks is now accepting applications for scholarships and other youth programs.

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Fiber-optic internet coming to Daggett County

(Roosevelt, Utah) – January 2017

The Utah Education and Telehealth Network and Strata Networks plan to bring fiber-optic internet service to Daggett County by spring 2019, greatly improving the speed of service to the area.

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