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Meet the Candidates

The Altamont, Neola, and Roosevelt Exchanges are up for election in 2018. Click the links below to view the candidate profile for each exchange.

Ashley Shiner 2010Ashley Shiner, Incumbent

Ashley Shiner resides in Altamont with her husband of 23 years and their three children, and is currently serving as a member of STRATA Networks Board of Directors.

Ashley’s focus is on the cooperative difference, member equity, input and value. She promises that if reelected, she will continue to enrich the relationships that enable us to provide reliable and affordable service. She feels strongly that working together—whether that means two or more people, multiple organizations, or our entire community—to achieve our common goals, is so much better than any individual effort.

In the last few years as your director, she has served on the Executive Committee as Board President, Vice President, and currently as the Board Secretary/Treasurer. She is a member of the NTCA Rural Broadband Political Action Committee, wherein she has been able to be a part of the necessary changes required for Rural America. It is vital for our area to have this influence and she would be honored to continue to serve in that capacity. One of Ashley’s favorite opportunities as a board member is her position on the Scholarship Committee where she has served for the past several years. The awards and scholarships awarded to our youth is one of the highest and most satisfying moments generated by our cooperative, and it gives her great pleasure to be a part of such a vital community program.

Ashley believes that the need for advanced communication services in our schools is imperative, as the move toward digital literacy is well underway. With hospitals relying more on telemedicine capabilities to provide patients with vital services, and our ability as a cooperative to enable our small communities to provide this level of care, she is convinced that we must have a robust network. STRATA Networks counts on Federal funding and inter carrier compensation to make this happen, and right now these programs are in jeopardy. She believes that having board members familiar with these programs is imperative to keeping the programs available to our small rural communities. She has a commitment to see that in the years to come STRATA will not only provide access to telecommunication services, but also work with local businesses and organizations in the community to make a difference in their individual organizations.

“I have always been dedicated to this great organization, first as a member, secondly as an employee, and most recently I have had the honor of being the Altamont Exchange director.”

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Jordan Robison PhotoJordan Robison

My name is Jordan Robison. I would like to thank you for considering me as a candidate for the board. There are many things that I enjoy and am passionate about. The most important thing in my life is spending time with my wife and 5 children. We spend most of our free time doing things together. We love going to the lake, boating, and camping. We enjoy growing a garden and have a small farm to help teach our kids hard work.

When I am not with my family, I am active in the community and love to find ways to volunteer. I spend a lot of time helping the youth in my area by assisting in the scouting program and working as a wrestling coach. I also enjoyed serving on Ballard City’s Planning and Zoning Board and Planning Committee. I also served on a board for adults who violated their paroles. Working with the public and helping those individuals was a neat experience. I would love the opportunity to be a member of this board.

I have operated my own company in the Basin for thirteen years and worked hard to make it grow. At first, it was just me, but as my company’s development, I have had seventeen employees working for me at the same time. The growth that I have experienced throughout this journey is amazing. I have learned so many things and have been able to meet so many people. There are also mistakes I have learned from along the way, which resulted in my learning how to manage and do things better.

Again, thank you for your consideration. I know I will not let you down. I work hard, and I love to learn. I will always do my best to search out all the information before me. I am always open to listen to all views. I find that by listening to others’ points of view, I can see the right choice become clearer and easier to choose . I love to network with others and have often been asked to speak because of my natural ability to address large groups. Please Vote Jordan Robison.

Thank you,
Jordan Robison

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Bart MillerBart Miller

Bart developed an early interest in the world of how things work from an excellent junior high science instructor. His interests grew and developed until he completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technical Education. Bart has been teaching and developing technical programs for the past 21 years. He owns and operates a residential construction company and manages a small farm.

Bart likes being involved in his community and neighborhood by serving and supporting many community events. Bart loves representing the Neola area as the STRATA Networks board member. He enjoys the trainings and meetings he attends and uses the knowledge gained to help make decisions for the future of STRATA Networks. He is proud to be part of a company whose purpose is to improve the communication and quality of life for the people in this community.

Richard RossRichard Ross

Richard Ross is a small business owner/operator and father of five children. He and his wife Kathy are lifelong residents of the Uintah Basin. Richard understands the need and importance of actively serving in the community, along with accountability and working together to make decisions that benefit the cooperative and its members. Richard’s experience serving on STRATA and previous boards has given him the skills to perform at high levels, yet still maintain the perception of a member of the general co-op. Richard enjoys representing the Roosevelt District on STRATA’s board of directors and is committed to staying involved, being a voice of the people, helping to secure for our cooperative reliable and quality service at reasonable rates, and ensuring a successful future for the company.