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Managed WiFi

When it comes to how you connect your life, WiFi management makes a difference. With more connected devices and more ways of using WiFi at home, the way you manage your wireless network matters more than ever. To get the greatest coverage, capacity, and reliability out of your WiFi, without the stress of operating such a system, let us help manage the WiFi in your home for you.

Understanding Bandwidth

Bandwidth is your potential speed and is shared between all of your devices. The more devices you have, the more bandwidth you'll need. Make sure to choose a plan that fits your family's needs. STRATA offers many options, including plans up to 1 Gbps.

WiFi Vs. Wired

WiFi and internet are different things. Understanding the difference can help you troubleshoot problems at home.  Several factors can limit the strength and reach of your WiFi signal. If you want the fastest speeds, wired is the way to go. However you choose to connect, STRATA Networks is here to bring you the fastest & most reliable connection in the Basin.

How Multiple Devices Affect Your Speed

Your bandwidth is shared between all of the connected devices in your home so the more you have, the less available bandwidth there is. If you may have a large number of phones, laptops, gaming systems, etc., their combined bandwidth consumption can have a big impact on the speed of your connection. Be sure to choose a plan that can keep up with all your devices.

Cyber Security

To protect yourself online, install an anti-virus software and make sure it’s updated. Only download files from trusted websites, only click on ads from trusted locations, and only open emails or attachments from familiar email senders. Routinely change passwords and make them strong.

Fixing a Slow Connection

Are you experiencing slower internet speeds than expected? The number of connected devices, where your router is located, and device interference can all affect your internet speed. Try these tips and tricks to get the most out of your WiFi experience.


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